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Connecting customers to your brand

Generate loyalty, create a strong sense of community and increase interaction with your audience through different social networks.
  • Influencers of your niche market.
  • Increase in references through word-of-mouth.
  • Analyze client´s niche to identify mentions, tags and trending topics in discussion.

Our social media marketing process

Will ensure that your company has campaigns specifically tailored to your business objectives, through:

1) Research
We will learn about your business, website and competitors. All in order to provide clear documentation to be used in every stage of the project.
● Here we will define relevant information about your business objectives to carry out a complete investigation.
● We will determine possible keywords based on the business objectives described in the project summary. In addition, we will inform you about the opportunities found in the SEO Audit.
● We may suggest some improvements on website performance, based on user experience (UX) and navigation.
● We will create benchmarks for the current SEO performance of your website, based on on-site and off-site factors.
● We will define SEO competitors based on the search for keywords and the determination of areas of opportunity and risk using different paid platforms and software.
2) Strategy
We will arrange a strategic plan of action in Social Networks that clearly defines the measurable business objectives in the different social networks and in the shared content. Thus, we can document the action plan in order to optimize the profiles in the different digital channels.

How do we do it?
● We create tactics to reach consumers inside and outside your business community.
● We devise measurable objectives in the short and long term in order to properly assess the performance of the campaign.
● We build a content calendar to identify what will be published in each social network.

We also develop advertising plans with your budget and in the networks that we consider appropriate. That is why it is important to define the objective of each part of the plan, such as community growth, participation, lead generation and conversions, among others.
3) Campaign execution: Community Management
We will implement the recommendations of the profile strategy and the phases of the content strategy to achieve the objectives of the campaign. All through interaction with users and social media influencers.
4) Analysis and reporting
We will create reports periodically, that include the analysis of campaign performance, KPI and objective tracking. This will allow us to document their current status, in addition to campaign metrics, completed tasks and the plan for the following month.

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