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Run effective PPC campaigns

to drive qualified traffic, leads and conversions and put your brand in front of new audiences.

Our main PPC services are the most comprehensive out there:

1. Search Ads
Most common type of ads campaigns and you can see them in Google and Bing search results. They are visible on top or below organic results. You pay per click or impressions and normally are the ones with higher conversion rate.

2. Display Ads
This type of PPC ads appear on Google’s partner websites. You target via text-based, image or video ads an audience of a website, social media platform or other digital mediums to take a specific action. These custom audiences are based on interests, demographics, placements, keywords and more.

3. Social Media Ads
Social media platforms have become one of the biggest channels for paid advertising campaigns. This type of ads will help you increase your visibility, generate more leads, reach an engaged audience, target specific audiences, increase brand awareness and customer loyalty, test drive promotions, reduce marketing costs.

4. Remarketing Ads
Remarketing is the perfect way to re-engage with people who previously visited or interacted with your website/mobile app.

Main benefits of this campaigns are: low cost per click, focused advertising, well-timed targeting and large-scale reach.

5. Shopping Ads
Also known as Product Listing Ads (PLA) is your solution for e-commerce optimization because they show up in search results. This type of ads are one of the most complete, as you can include: ads merchant name, product image, price and discount. With Google Shopping ads you will increase conversion rate, reach broader audiences and improve quality of leads.

6. YouTube Video Ads
Reach potential customers when they watch or search for videos on YouTube. These are the 4 types of videos ads: pre-roll, in-stream, bumper and in-display. Benefits of YouTube ads: reach the right audience, low CPV (cost per view), measure your success immediately. 

Our pay-per-click marketing strategies

Are designed for our customers to increase the amount of conversions and / or sales and as a consequence, drive qualified traffic at the lowest possible cost.

1. Keyword targeting
We use keywords designed to target visitors who are interested in your products and services.

● Relevance: it is essential that the selected keywords are relevant to your company. Nothing irritates a visitor more than being sent to a website that has nothing to do with their search. Even if the visitor leaves immediately, your business will still be paying for the click. The landing page of each ad must be really relevant to the query.
● Matching options: You can specify whether to bid for broad match, phrase and / or exact keywords.
2. Geographic orientation
If your business is only looking to attract local customers, you can specify that your ad runs only on results oriented to your city, country or custom distance (for eg. 5 miles or km).
3. Synchronization
Paid campaigns allows you to run ads exclusively at specific hours or days of the week.

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